What is Telehealth?

Who is TimelyMD

TimelyMD is a telehealth company focused on keeping higher education populations healthy by providing access to 24/7 quality medical care and counseling. They exclusively serve student populations, and all of their providers are trained and passionate about student care. TimelyMD and Student Insurance will develop a tailored telehealth program for your institution. Our approach to program development is one of continuous exploration with your institution to ensure that the program fits well into your current infrastructure, which allows the college to remain in control of how healthcare is delivered. Our partnerships will result in a healthier, more engaged student population.

Think about the money that can be saved on in-house therapists and medical staff.
This program will assist your athletic department to maintain mentally stable athletes.

Nearly 75% of all doctor, urgent care and ER visits are unnecessary or could be managed with telehealth.

Virtual care bridges the gap

From experience to transportation to money, students lack resources. They may not know when to seek help, where to go, how to get there, or if they can afford the care they need. With thoughtful telehealth, campuses can bridge gaps that keep students from good healthcare decisions.

A campus-wide program offers students one point of contact — anytime, anywhere — to get quality care and immediate treatment. Whether they need a simple prescription or a visit to the campus clinic, students can be confident about taking steps to improved health.

Easy, immediate access encourages students to take timely action for any ailment. No waiting for an appointment, matching clinic hours, or figuring out transportation. They can get quality care between classes, in the middle of the night, no matter where they live and even if they are traveling.

Telehealth removes the mystery and fear of seeking healthcare. Campuses can offer an included telehealth benefit to every student.  No-cost visits gives campus better control over the provider’s students use and protects students and parents from running up big bills at a costly urgent care or ERs.

Healthier students create stronger communities

The physical and mental health of a student population can be directly correlated to the strength of the university as a whole. When students are supported and empowered to make good healthcare decisions, colleges see:

  • Better overall health
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • More extracurricular participation
  • Happy parents and students


Student Insurance Telemed program objectives are:

  • Improving student outcomes
  • Increasing student engagement and satisfaction
  • Improving student convenience
  • Providing remote and rural students with access to care
  • Improving leverage of limited physician resources
  • Reducing cost of care delivery
  • Reducing hospital readmissions
  • Providing 24/7 access to specialists
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