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Tools and Resources for Job Seekers

Below, you can review five helpful resources for job seekers. You can also continue reading this series for more information on perfecting your resume, identifying professional mentors, and what to do when starting a new job.


PayScale collects salary and wage information for thousands of jobs. Use it to explore new industries or inform your strategy when negotiating for a promotion or new job.


CareerBuilder hosts millions of job listings. It also allows job seekers to post their resumes for recruiters and provides professional development resources like career advice and salary comparison tools.

Like PayScale, collects compensation data to help individuals better understand their possible value to an organization. Companies and recruiters may also use the site to budget for new positions.

The Muse

The Muse curates advice on a variety of professional topics, including how to respond to common interview questions, the most successful formats for cover letters, and how to find a fulfilling career.


Glassdoor allows employees to anonymously post their salary information and company reviews. It is an essential resource for candidates who are interviewing or considering whether to accept a job offer.