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Do you have a disability?

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Branch Office

105 Clemsford Square
Folsom CA 95630

10801 National Boulevard, Suite 603

Los Angeles, CA 90064

Do you have a disability?

International FAQ

How Much Does The Insurance Cost?

For an accurate quote, you may:

  1. E-mail us at: and we will respond to you the same day.
  2. Call us at (800) 367-5830 and ask for an international account representative; or,
  3. Check with your school administration office or at the international student office.

What If I Do Not Wish To Purchase A Full 12 Months?

Your school may require you to purchase insurance in increments which may include 12 months; in that event, you have no choice. On the other hand, if your school has no set requirement, we will try to accommodate you as much as possible. You may telephone or email us. There are some major disadvantages to purchasing less than one semester at a time: your insurance coverage may expire and create a “gap” thus interrupting your coverage. A gap in coverage may lead to serious consequences such as exclusions for “pre-existing conditions”.

Can I Pay Month To Month?

Unless Student Insurance has made special arrangements with your school, you must contact us to determine the period you may purchase. Your school may require you to purchase a minimum of five, six, seven or twelve months.

I Must Return To My Home Country? Do I Get My Money Back?

You must have your school contact us.

Can I Transfer To Another College And Keep This Insurance?

Our international student medical insurance plan complies with all the federal mandates; that means it is valid at any institution you attend. Your new institution, on the other hand, may wish you to purchase their designated plan. Speak to the advisor at your new school and show him/her our plan. If they have any questions, ask them to contact us. We insure many colleges, institutions and schools and it is possible that the school you are transferring to may already be our client.

When Does My Coverage Start?

Generally your school determines when your coverage becomes effective. If not, the insurance becomes effective the first day of the semester for which you have chosen to pay. Please note the deadline dates on the enrollment form.

What If I Have Insurance From My Home Country?

  1. Consult your school administrator or your international student advisor.
  2. Fax us a copy of the plan from your home country; we will analyze it and advise you if it meets the requirements of U. S. law.
  3. Remember that our plan provides you with numerous advantages which are not available through the insurance from your home country and that doctors’ offices in the United States prefer to deal with a local insurance company.

Does This Insurance Cover My Automobile?

This insurance covers illnesssickness and accidentsTHIS INSURANCE WILL NOT COVER YOUR AUTOMOBILE. If you own or drive an automobile, you must have automobile insurance.

How Can I Get Literature On What My Insurance Covers? Is There A Brochure?

To download an international student accident & sickness brochure, click the link in your schools portal. The brochure will explain what the insurance covers and doesn’t cover.

Am I Covered In An Automobile Accident?

Under California law, you may not drive an automobile without automobile insurance. If you are involved in an automobile accident, please e-mail or call us and we will assist you to coordinate the medical payments.

Am I Covered In My Home Country?

Your International Student Health Plan covers you anywhere in the world except your home country. See excess provision for specific information regarding coverage in the brochure.

What Do I Do If I Need To See A Doctor?

When you need medical care, go to the Campus Health Center first. If the Health Center cannot treat you,  click the link in your schools portal to locate a Medical Provider in the PPO Network. You may be referred to one of the designated medical facilities by the Health Center. You must tell the doctor to mail all medical (HCFA 1500 form) and hospital (UB 92 form) bills along with your name, address, social security number or school I.D. number and the name of your college to the claims office.

I Have To See A Doctor But I Haven’t Received My Insurance Id Card Yet. Can I Get A Temporary One?

To download a temporary ID card,  click the link in your schools portal.

I Lost My Insurance Id Card, How Can I Get Another Card?


Click the link to print ID card under your schools portal.

Are There Any Forms To Fill Out? Where Do I Get Them?

  1. There are no forms to complete when you see a doctor.
  2. If you pay for your prescription in full, you will be reimbursed for the insurance portion. To obtain reimbursement, you must contact your Student Insurance Rep.

Do I Have To Go To A Specific Doctor?

  • Check the provider list under your schools portal.

What If The Doctor Does Not Take This Insurance And I Have To Pay?

  1. Have the doctor call us or our claims office at the number listed on your ID card.
  2. Should the doctor not accept this insurance, pay the doctor, keep the bills and contact our office and speak to a claims representative.

What If I See A Doctor But I Am Not Sick Or Injured?

This plan covers illness, sickness, accidental injuries and wellness. If you have any doubt or have any questions, call us at (800) 367-5830 or call our claims office at the telephone number listed in your benefit brochure and on your ID card.


What About My Prescription Benefit?


  1. Check the links and brochure under your schools portal.
  2. Contact your International Rep in our office.

How Do I Renew My Insurance Before It Expires?

  1. Go to the International Student Office, complete an application and send it with payment to our office.
  2. Enroll on-line at our website using a VISA or Mastercard.
  3. Contact our office for an enrollment form.

Must-Know Terms

In order to make an informed decision, it’s important to understand what you are being offered in exchange for your monthly premium. Before we examine your options in detail, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the basic terminology all insurers use:

  1. Premium: What you pay, usually monthly, for your insurance plan. This is a bill and is unrelated to other out-of-pocket expenses you are expected to pay.
  2. Deductible: A fixed amount that you are expected to pay in the earliest part of your policy year. After you meet the deductible, your insurance plan covers all or part of our expenses until year’s end.
  3. Coinsurance: The percentage of costs you pay after your deductible is met. Generally this is a percentage split by you and your insurance provider; 80/20 splits are common and mean that you are responsible for 20% of costs after the deductible.
  4. Co-pay: Often confused with coinsurance, a co-pay is a fixed amount that you agree to pay toward specified expenses. A common example of a co-pay is a small flat fee you pay each time you visit a doctor or emergency room.
  5. Network: A group of providers that contractually partner with your insurance carrier. Your insurance plan will incentivize you to choose from this network by charging you less for treatment by these providers.
  6. Preventive Care: Formerly not a provision you’d find in student health care plans, preventive care refers to the treatment of illness before it starts. Vaccinations, certain screening exams and annual checkups all fall under preventive care.

If I Have More Questions, Where Do I Call?

We at STUDENT INSURANCE and our claims office are here to assist you with any of your questions and concerns:

  1. Call us at Student Insurance (800) 367-5830.
  2. Call the claims office at the number listed in your benefits brochure or on your ID card.